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Our Lithuanian partner

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If you're located in Vilnius and are in need of a professional dentist, we definitely recommend our partner of many years, Papadent! They're one of the leading experts in the field of dentistry in Lithuania. Their main field of expertise is aesthetic prosthodontics and dental implants. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better dental appearance expert in the country!

With Papadent, you'll receive the most comprehensive dental treatment in Vilnius. Their staff boasts many years of practical experience and utilised computed tomography and safe and reliable sedation methods, all to bring you the most comfortable and most effective services in Vilnius. You can trust them if you're ever in need of dental services in the area.

Papadent offers the following services:

  • dental implants,
  • all-on-4 treatment,
  • aesthetic fillings,
  • teeth whitening,
  • periodontitis treatment.