Orthodontic care

One of the main directions of the Poldent Dental Care in Leeds is orthodontic care, which includes diagnostics, treatment and prevention. Our highly-qualified orthodontist in Leeds are engaged in the correction of abnormalities associated with uneven placement of teeth and malocclusion.

These abnormalities are not only solved as the problems of aesthetics. First of all, this is the preservation of the functionality of the chewing apparatus.

If you do not solve the problem of an incorrect bite, this can lead to difficulty in hygiene, development of bone disease, gums, and the formation of periodontal pockets. As a result, you can face the problem of the loss of teeth.

In addition to direct problems with teeth, an incorrect bite can be accompanied by migraines and sinusitis. This is the result of the changed skull structure.

When to consult an orthodontist?

The earlier parents pay attention to the problem, the sooner and more effectively it will be possible to solve it. Early treatment is faster and helps prevent the development of more serious bite anomalies. Thanks to the latest developments in the field of orthodontics, correction of bite or crooked teeth in adulthood is also effective, but it takes more time.

Adult orthodontics is also an important stage of preparation for implantation, prosthetics, rehabilitation of temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

When coming to Poldent Dental Care dentistry in Leeds or in Wakefield, you will receive a treatment plan developed by a specialist who will help to fulfil your dream of a beautiful smile!